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In the process of using, the clapping door should keep its runner, the sealing ring should not be blocked by stones, branches and other debris, thus affecting the sealing effect. 5. Clean up the sediment in the sand sink under the clapping door regularly, keep the ear hole of the clapping door, keep the hinge lubricated well, open flexibly. 4. When installing multiple clapping doors, install separately because of the limitation of lifting conditions. The steel clapping door is usually cast or welded with carbon steel. The steel clapping door has the characteristics of metal clapping door. The steel clapping door is mainly installed at the end of drainage and sewage pipe. The steel clapping door has the function of automatic opening and closing. The steel clapping door is water-proof and anti-reflux. Yes. Flange door installation can be connected with flange, welded with embedded plate, or secondary pouring. 2. Floating box door can be changed by injecting water into the sealing chamber of the door page or changing the proportion of the door page to achieve the opening effect. 3. After the door installation, the gap between the door seat and the door page is normal, when the door page bears. At a certain reverse pressure.  Impulse-resistant, convenient and not easy to steal the main products: manual screw hoist, double-hanging point screw hoist, hoist hoist, arc door hoist, high-lift hoist, cast iron gate, cast iron weir gate, high-pressure cast iron gate, county farmer opened [water control gate], designed by a water conservancy staff in the county, cement Casting. Valve plate, sealing ring and hinge are composed of four parts. They are only used for circular and square orifices of unidirectional flow. They are tightly structured, reliable, and do not require manpower to operate the water source pressure. When the water pressure inside the clap door is greater than the pressure outside the clap door, they open, otherwise close. Detailed information leading products: LQ type screw hoist series, hand push. Lock type: 0.3T-3T. Advantages of using clapping door: no energy consumption, automatic control switch at any time, no need for personnel management at any time, as long as the time is fixed, clapping door provides convenience for sewage discharge, urban river drainage, is a check valve to prevent backfilling of external water, while ensuring that internal sewage can be discharged in time, with energy saving. 。

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